August Harvest Goat Milk Soap


Meet August Harvest

August was our first goat and was my inspiration for my goat milk soap line.  We purchased her soon after she gave birth to her first kids, Bailey and Rocco.  I loved her name and thought that I would one day name my goat milk soap line after her.   

August is feisty, sweet and lovable and she gives us the most amazing milk every day.  We now have other dairy goats that are helping to meet our need for more milk.

Are the ingredients pure?

Our soap is in keeping with everything else that we are trying to accomplish here on the farm.  I use only the purest ingredients to make each batch and our scents are from pure, therapeutic grade, essential oils.   I use organic when I can and there are absolutely no GMO products ever used.

How much milk do I use?

100% of the liquid called for in the soap is replaced with goat milk. Because of the high fat content and other nutrients in the milk of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, it makes an extra creamy bar that feels silky smooth on your skin.  

Where do we get our milk?

We hand milk our ladies twice each day.  That raw goat milk is then frozen into cubes for use in the milk.  I freeze it is so the milk will not scorch during the saponification process.  This is an extra step that requires more work but the result is an amazing light colored and creamy bar of soap that feels great on your skin.

What size are the bars?

I currently make two sizes:

  • Bath Bar - rectangle in shape.  It's perfect for the bath or shower. Minimum weight of 4 oz. but most are over 5 oz.
  • Round Bar - This is the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand.  It's great for the kitchen or your vanity.  This bar is approximately 4 oz.

Are there any other types of soap?

Yes, because some people have a true dairy allergy and cannot come in contact with dairy products of any kind, I can take special orders for dairy free milk.  These could include other types of milks such as coconut milk, almond milk or as requested.  

Call to request special orders see below...

special orders are possible



I can customize any soap to suit your occasion.  Call to discuss the possibilities. I need a minimum of 6 weeks to complete these orders.

*Minimum orders required.


Our August Harvest goat milk soap makes a great teachers gift.  I will have festive bars for the holidays or select from the many varieties that we currently have year round.  Purchase ahead and secure your order.


Create a basket of assorted soap bars for a very special and fragrant gift.  It's sure to please!

Our soap bars were a huge success during the 2017 & 2018 holiday seasons.  I look forward to an expanded variety for 2019.  For large orders, please call ahead to secure your order as the soap bars take four weeks to cure.


Pick your bar and I can design a special label for you to advertise your business or for you to use as gifts for your special customers and/or employees.