About Us

Bruce & Terry Sentas


We are  a family farm in every sense.  Our goal is to provide a healthy living  experience for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.  So far, they are loving it!  The children are learning with us.  They have all been able to milk the goats and willingly jump in to clean the stalls. With each new addition of animals, which there have been many, they get more excited.  They are always excited to come and visit Nannie and Papa on  the farm.

Our lifestyle has truly evolved.  We raised our family in Braintree Massachusetts and when we became empty nesters we moved to the city and lived in the South End of Boston.  We had a great time for eleven years.  When our elderly parents became ill, we left the city to care for them, which is when we developed a passion for gardening.  

We decided to purchase a home with a big yard…. We weren’t really expecting to buy a farm, but we did, and here we are…. Full on Farmers!  Our city friends and children thought we lost our minds.  But, we love it.

Bruce is retired and I am still working as an RN part time.  Our Farm keeps us busy full time.  I have always had a passion for canning and farm type living but never had the opportunity to pursue it.  We are so excited to be able to explore this lifestyle and enjoy a whole new circle of friends.

Terry with Casper & Pearl


Our herd guardian dogs Casper and Pearl watch over our animals to keep them safe from predators.  They are big fluffy teddy bears but are fierce when a coyote, fox or fissure cat comes along.  They are always on alert and live in total harmony with the ducks and chickens.... Well, sometimes they like to chase the chickens because they move so fast.  But mostly they watch over them.

Bruce with August Harvest


August was our first goat.  We never imagined we would own goats.  

We purchased the farm just before my father passed away and he was excited to come and live here with us.  Sadly, he passed before we could move in.  One of his last requests was that we name the first barn stall after him.  I told him that we didn't have any stalls but he made us promise to build them and to fill them up.  How do you say no to that!  So, here we are with a barn full of goats, ducks, chickens and dogs.  Thanks Dad for pushing us out of our comfort zone.

Our Fierce Protectors



The ever lovable Casper



Miss Pearl is always ready for a hug.



Our dear funny Boxer, Otto.  

In Loving Memory


My Dad - Fred Butts - Left

Bruce's Uncle - Nicholas Sentas ,  AKA, Uncle Nick -center 


Bruce's Mom - Annabelle Sentas -right

All three of these wonderful people lived with us and had mixed opinions about us getting this farm.

We lost my dad in September of 2014.  He was excited about us buying the farm 

but his illness took him before we could move in.  

He loved animals and asked that we name the first stall after him.  

Dad, you got your wish!

Nana Belle passed in April of 2015.   She spent two weeks on the farm with us just before she passed and had a blast.  She grew up on a farm in Maine and was surprised by our decision to buy one.  
She would say "Been There, Done That... No Thank You!".  

She was a party girl!

Uncle Nick passed in July of 2015.  He lived with us for eleven years, mostly in the city, and couldn't quite understand the farm thing.  He was more of a city boy, however, he loved the animals and was very supportive.

We miss them all...